Industrial Wooden Routers: Ought to You Purchase a CNC Mannequin or a Customary Mannequin?

The final 40 years have seen the commercial woodworking machine redefined. As late because the 1970s, most high-grade wooden chopping machines had been floor-standing fashions that operated by a mix of automated mechanics and human manipulation. In regards to the router, these machines (e.g. plunge router) are nonetheless in use immediately. However they don’t seem to be the routers that almost all woodworkers desire. Most woodworkers desire Pc Numerically Managed (CNC) routers, whose cutter heads are operated by a programmable laptop.

The Advantages of CNC Variations

When it comes to efficiency, a CNC model presents at the very least 4 advantages that almost all commonplace fashions don’t:

Massive chopping desk that accommodates a number of items without delay
Potential to chop on 5 axes
Glorious repeatability throughout massive manufacturing runs
Chopping capability appropriate for high-speed configurations
These advantages are chargeable for the best-known traits of CNC equipment: outstanding chopping accuracy, spectacular chopping velocity, and the elimination of dangerous cuts. Higher nonetheless, these advantages are achieved by a primary, four-part manufacturing course of:

Designing the piece that might be lower woodworking cnc router
Incorporating the design right into a strong CAD mannequin
Changing the mannequin information into the machine’s programming language
Controlling machine operation because it produces the design
When it comes to the machining course of, a CNC router’s computer-controlled cutter heads provide woodworking firms at the very least 4 benefits that commonplace variations don’t:

Appreciable discount of human error
Shorter coaching time to achieve skilled consumer standing
Extra workspace (one CNC mannequin can change a number of commonplace ones)
Means to have one particular person monitor multiple CNC router
Mixed with efficiency advantages, these advantages make a CNC mannequin probably the most most popular industrial wooden router. However it’s not superior to an ordinary mannequin in all classes, notably price.

The Advantages of Customary Variations

Customary industrial grade fashions lack the manufacturing capability of their computer-controlled counterparts. However they do provide the next advantages that CNC routers don’t:

Significantly decrease buy value
Decrease restore price and upkeep price
Significantly smaller footprint
By no means produce a run of defective items because of a programming error
In case your manufacturing demand does not require you to improve to a computer-controlled industrial wooden router, utilizing an ordinary one will be the most suitable choice. As well as eliminating the price of shopping for a CNC mannequin, it additionally spares you the price of repairing and sustaining it. Over a interval of a number of years, the price distinction between shopping for and working an ordinary model, and shopping for and working a CNC model could possibly be tons of of hundreds of .


When it comes to expertise, ease of operation, and manufacturing capability, industrial CNC fashions are superior to straightforward industrial fashions. Nonetheless, if an ordinary model meets your wants, shopping for a CNC mannequin could possibly be an ongoing waste of cash. Should you do require a CNC mannequin, however its value exceeds your gear price range, shopping for it as used woodworking equipment can lead to 30% or extra off the machine’s new sticker value.

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